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Bits From The Blog

More Private than Guestchat

April 30, 2011

Last night was interesting. I actually spent more time in private than I did in regular guest chat. The guys in guest chat were nice, for the most part, discussing hockey, life, normal things. I did have to block a couple though. One, who asked others to give me gold and ignored me completely when I explained to him how cheap that sounds, since he himself hasn’t given anything. Isn’t that like someone going to a restaurant and asking other people to order food, so that he may mooch off their plates, never having to pay a cent himself? He ignored me and started rambling on about something else now, which made no sense to anyone except perhaps the other person in his head. I did the logical thing – blocked him. The next guy wrote something creepy enough to make me want to block him. Yoursohot typed: ” i would fuk you everyday if you had aids and beg you for it you sexy fukker xx”. Sometimes, my patience is in abundance. Other times, it’s in short supply. I can’t fathom how, in anyone’s book, this could be a compliment, though from some sicko’s point of view, there lies a thin possibility. I’d just rather not have someone talk to me this way. It’s my choice, who I want to associate with and who I don’t. If someone said that to me in real life, I’d run for the hills! That’s just me though.

Some people are really sweet though and at the risk of sounding like I’ve got the rose-colored glasses on, I have to admit, I enjoy compliments like this one, from a member in guest chat. TheUniverseSaid wrote: “I dont even need to see your boobs,cause I love your personality…but I will give you gold anyway:-)”. Stuff like this (proceeded by a donation of Gold, of course) just makes my night and my hockey fans are the best. I actually find myself looking forward to signing in to work after a big game because I know I have a following who just love to talk hockey. Even the trash-talk is fun. Just don’t tell them I said that. ?

Who Let The Blogs Out?

May 1, 2011

A day in the life of an internet performer in the adult entertainment industry can be quite the experience, for an outsider looking in. Be forewarned: this article may contain sexual themes and suggestive situations. Viewer erection is advised.

I had a fun-filled shift last night at work. While members, guests and anonymous people with whom I hadn’t a clue why they were even there, crowded the room, a strange, but somehow familiar handle appeared in my chat. Someone who chose the handle (or more likely the ‘display name’) uBitch came in and said “hey sexy i like the big phalic microphone”. How coincidental! My friendly neighbourhood studio pimp/stalker/harrasser used to like to comment that way on my mic, too and the word ‘bitch’ was one of his favorite words to use on me during his many visits to my room, each time, playing another random character right out of his big book of imaginary friends. I’ve never seen someone with so many personalities yet such consistency in his portrayal of them all!

Oh how wonderful this site would be if they only stopped allowing members to choose display handles. Integrity is a hard thing to find in this industry. Every single site I’ve worked on left lingering doubts and questions pertaining to information I felt I had the right to, yet wasn’t being given. It always felt like pieces of the puzzle were missing, and indeed they were. Streamate isn’t quite as bad as the others I’ve come across but there are some areas, like the aforementioned, that could really use some tweaking.

I clicked on bob78 in my stats last night, to view his profile and info and it showed another name as his handle: Jo36. I clicked his name again, just to be sure I didn’t mis-click the first time. No mistake there. I left a note (there’s an area where we can leave notes to ourself about members), stating “Comes in with the handle Kyle74. Shows in stats as Bob78. Never uses the chat.”. Today, revisiting my stats from last night, the handle bob78 was nowhere to be found . Instead, I found my ‘note to self’ under kyle74 in my stats! So as not to confuse this issue too much, I’ll summarize this in the simplest form of english I know how to string together:

He enters my room as kyle74, but uses the display name bob78.

Appears in my stats as bob78.

When I click bob78, up pops a profile for Jo36.

At some point, between last night and today, bob78 morphed into kyle74.

Pretty simple. I don’t have trouble understanding what happened. My problem is understanding why this needs to be so confusing! Obviously it isn’t reported this way in the site’s stats.Why aren’t our stats reported more clearly? Why do members need the ability to change their display handle anytime they want on one account? The ‘display handle’ only confuses things more on the hosts’ end and makes it impossible to recognize our good members. It also allows studios and those who like to play games with their competition, the ability to enter our rooms to play games using these display names (under their member accounts) free of charge. For those of us who look closely at our stats and work hard at retaining a good customer base, this is a huge obstacle. Why even put these obstacles in our way? It stops us from thriving on the potential this site offers by limiting our ability to interact properly with our regulars, not to mention, have to put up with all the bullshit that our own competition can so easily can bring on by playing these games in our rooms. All it does, ultimately, is cause problems both short and long-term.

I don’t think I’m going to make any changes here because it’s more than likely noone else will step up to bat, but I do believe that sometimes, it just takes a little spark to start a fire. So, let me start this little spark and see if it ignites.

“It is better to have done something and failed than to have done nothing and succeeded” – Anonymous

Cookies, anyone?

May 4, 2011

Ahh, the adult entertainment industry and its cookie-cutter marketing. With so much variety, how could there be such a lack of creativity? It’s motonous, from start to finish. They all boast a variety of hottest, sexiest, do-it-all playmates in their cookie-cutter ads, with suggestive looks and those wide-mouthed glares, caught by the camera (oh what timing!) in a range of mid-orgasmic poses under perfect, flawless Photoshopped skin, beautifully messed up hair, expensive body parts and more make-up than Bozo the clown. Why are all these ads the same? Is it like Hollywood; has creativity taken two consecutive decade-long vacations? Tired of the same old cookie-cutter crap? Try me and enjoy a truly unique experience with my Classic Rock and Hockey Talk show, on Streamate! Here’s something original and worth checking out.


May 5, 2011

Some things I’d love to see implemented on Streamate:

A timeclock in the chat interface.

Stats only display the time members left premium chat but not the time they entered. I’d like to see also when they entered.


Stat reports show the member’s display handle, not his account handle. How this presents a problem: Impossible to check earnings in my stats report against the names in my premium chat to see if they match up. Members who stay less than 30 seconds aren’t billed, so try to differentiate between this group and the guys who changed their handle because neither handles are going to appear in my stats. Dog chasing tail.


Open chatroom option.

Members’ text is hidden from the room, by default. They must specify via, ‘make visible to all’ button, for their chat to appear openly. Commonly, chatrooms are the other way around. Some of us like to interact with our members in guest chat and people are more inclined to stay in a room that looks busy than one where the girl just looks busy talking to herself. Since he sees noone else in the room (and too often I encounter this), he shies off and leaves. Sometimes, assumes I am ignoring him, when I’m actually trying to talk to 25 others at the same time. Even if the room appears full, he can sit and watch the flow, enjoy the conversation or join in, at some point, when he figures out what everyone’s talking about. The longer members stay in our rooms, the more they will get to know us. I’d feel tricked if I entered a chatroom, thinking I was alone with someone, when in fact, I wasn’t. Isn’t it a rather awkward feeling to mistake a comment intended for someone else, as one for you? Sure, we could address each individual by (display) name, each time we want to respond to them, so that there’s no confusion, but isn’t that kinda defeating the whole purpose now of making the member think he’s all alone with us? Give us the choice, at least, to offer an open chatroom.

Don’t hide the low-raters!

Show us who voted us low. The stats report shows a column that lists our ratings yet nowhere do we see who rated us, even within the member profiles, the Ratings column always shows a hyphen, meaning no rating. I can go back 6 months and if I’m lucky, stumble across a rating of 5 but nothing more recent. It shows I have ratings but nowhere are they to be found. It shows I have had 3 ratings, yet I checked each private and exclusive session for that night and nowhere is it showing that any of these members rated me. I can go to My Ratings, another area in my settings, only to see that someone rated me a 1, yet there too, doesn’t show me who did it. Why can’t I know who rated me a 1? This could be someone who entered my room for the sole purpose of rating me a 1, never used the chat and left. Who would do that? Gee, I don’t know, but let me take a wild guess – a studio pimp or my very own competition, since it’s so easy to do so? This brings my listing on the main page down, so they do have a good reason to want to do this and the few bucks it cost them might in fact, make it worth the effort.

Let’s say he was an actual random member, who rated me a 1 because I refused to perform an act that he wanted to see. He got upset and left, rating me a 1 for this reason. It would be useful if I could later re-visit that conversation, to see why he rated me a 1. If he had a valid reason or not, since we have no control over them rating us, tell us who’s doing this, as this could ultimately affect our placement on the site and subsequently, our revenue.

Please tweak this tool:

The block feature:

To block a member, I’d rather click on his handle next to his line of text, rather than having to try to catch his handle, which scrolls up and down the list on the right frame every time someone enters or leaves the room, to click and block him. I’m not a gamer and the precision sometimes can be quite a challenge. I’d also like the ability to block the little shit this way after he’s left the room. Why do they have to be present in the room for us to be able to block them? We can’t block them from our stats page, nor can we block them from our mailboxes. I’ve got someone sending me blank e-mails purposely now and I can’t do a damn thing about it, except delete it every time.

Suggestions (to help us better market ourselves):

A red bullet beside a handle if the member has not spent anything in a period of 3 months and a green dollar sign if he’s spent $50.00 or more in my room in total. Guys with no indicator can be newbies or just very small spenders. That’s fine. Give us some indication though, of what kind of spender he is. This does not infringe upon his privacy rights, as I’ve seen other sites do this. It helps us to know where to focus our efforts and by ratio, tells us how well we are doing at retaining customers. In all honesty though, I can’t see this working as long as members are able to change their display handles and that is all we are able to see. When we’re busy in our rooms, greeting guests and keeping 25 conversatons going at once, we really don’t have the time to go clicking every profile to gather this information. You need to give us some tools to work with here.

Members get to see country codes of hosts. Why can’t we see country codes of members (including, and especially of those that don’t spend)? Just the country code. If this isn’t infringing upon OUR privacy, then it certainly doesn’t infringe upon theirs.

I would like some feedback (good or bad) about these ideas, so please don’t be shy to lay them out there. Add your input, suggestions, comments, backlash or stamp of approval on anything in this article. You can post anonymous if you like. Streamate, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


Above the Law?

May 8, 2011

Everyone has an opinion. That’s the glory of the internet; a place for people to share thoughts, opinions and freely express themselves. Unfortunately, there exist cowards who take this very basic liberty for granted by abusing it in the most uncivilized manner. The spewing of insults from behind a shield of anonymity that only the internet can provide, sheds light on the true character of some, but does nothing for those caught up in the path of their self-destructive egoist sociopathic behavior. Fear not the threat; it’s just words on a computer screen. Or is it? In real life, those who behave this way in the workplace are dealt with by employers or by the law. No such luck in the virtual world. So, we must learn to cope with them as best we can. In the real world, you can walk over and bitch slap someone who calls you “bitch”, file a restraining order against someone who stalks you, slap a harrassment suit on someone who constantly disrupts you while you are trying to work, or press criminal charges against someone who threatens you. No such luck in the virtual world. Is there no badge of honor for these brave soldiers? Give them a cigar! They’ve found a way to bypass the law and get away with, online, what noone can in the real world. Or have they?

Day Off

May 9, 2011

Took a day off yesterday to rest up, relax and de-stress from the nightly harrassment routine I’d grown accustomed to, on Streamate. If I didn’t have the balls, or were less of a hardhead, I’d probably have caven in by now and left, giving mister studio pimp that feeling of accomplishment for having finally run me off the site. With me not on the site, he can push his girls up higher on the main page. I must really be putting a dent in his business if he feels he needs to get rid of me just for his girls to be able to make him money. Should I be flattered? If it wasn’t worth it for me to stay on or if the pressure was too much for me to handle, perhaps I would have thrown in the towel long ago, but what good does it do me to worry myself crazy over something that I have absolutely no control over? This could easily escalate to the point where someone decides to involve authorities. What then?

When I hear “this sort of thing happens all the time online” and “you can block them”, it only leads me to wonder just how much is being done to stop it. All the time does not mean, to the same girl, every shift she works, several times per shift, by the same person, for a year straight. There is a point where this becomes legal harrassment. The block option doesn’t work because this same person keeps returning, despite the fact that I have blocked them over a hundred times.

Doesn’t make me feel great about work, about signing in. I just feel like going in, rushing people into private and then leaving, just to avoid having to deal with that asshole. My production, no doubt, has gone down and I hate to admit it. The site needs to address this because my hands are tied. I can’t stop this guy, only they can.

English lessons, anyone?

May 10,2011

I had a guest tell me last night “this is not a dating site”. They didn’t punctuate, so I wasn’t really sure if it was intended as a comment or a question, which would, of course, have given it a different meaning. I repeated what he stated or asked (see? I don’t know which it was) but he had already left the chatroom. Someone else responded to what I said earlier with a “your funny girl”. He really meant to type “you’re funny, girl” but never did learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”. It’s a good thing he wasn’t faced with the “their” “there” and “they’re” choice! Yes, life can be hard at times. As conversation flows about the aforementioned “dating site”, someone else mentioned that this guy “just wants to be your friend”. Someone else jumps in with this statement: “aw, a friend. Hell all of us perverts need a friend”. That gave me the laugh I needed. Then, this statement, right out of nowhere: “He must be a canucks fan or something”. At this moment, I knew it was going to be one of those wonderful, fun-filled nights where it would be them entertaining me and not the other way around.

Shortly after, the hockey fans enter and as usual, around playoff time, the conversations tend to get a little … heated. One guy types: “I fuckin hate the Red Wings”. The next guy states: “like the Wings… only saving grace that city has”. The guy after that writes: “bruins i think”. A few more predictions come in and then, gotta love these mid-sentence tangents: “2 gold for tittys. They will play Vancouver and I live in Detroit”! He didn’t give gold, but 4 others did, consecutively, so I guess he figured he didn’t have to. It was one of those nights where, I would have done great had it not been for my monthly restriction, but all’s well that ended well. Only a few real assholes were blocked. Not bad for a monday.

You Never Stop Learning

May 11, 2011

My shift got off to a rather slow start. Sometimes, it’s hard to get them chatting, so I’m constantly having to change my approach when striking up a conversation in this room full of non-chatters. A small percentage actually use the chat; the rest just watch in amazement, only to return in about a month to tell mehow they have enjoyed it. The strong, silent type, I’m sure. The real challenge is to get them to understand that while they are not alone with me in the room, I am still able to give them my full, somewhat divided, attention.

A member typed: “Sorry – but the Habs sucked” and my first thought was “well, isn’t that a nice greeting?” and as I was thinking of a good retort, he beat me to the keyboard with “not as bad as my rangers. we got swept, you didnt LOL”. My retort, suddenly didn’t seem so important. So, I let it go. Then he wrote: “im only foolin”, which caused a great deal of confusion for me, as I, up until this moment was taking him deadly serious. When you talk hockey with a canadian, it’s a serious topic and everything said is taken in the highest regard. It’s a religion in some cities. Certainly is in the city I’m from!

They say you never stop learning. I guess that’s true because tonight, never having known this before in my 42 years on this planet, I learned the term “size queen”. Someone in my chatroom asked if I was one. I can only imagine the puzzled look on my face as I read that, trying frantically to figure out what it was before someone had to tell me (with a “LOL” at the end, to indicate that I should have known this)! Needless to say, my true colours showed and everyone got a giggle from that. A “size queen” is someone who only cares about size (and no, not shoes or IQs). I acted cool about it because I’m a bit of a relic, admittedly, and I can’t possibly be expected to know everything there is to know about today’s hip, far out, way cool expressions! ? Besides, I’m a pretty good subject-changer when I want to be. I can also tangent with them best of ’em, so this stuff never sticks anyhow.

I’m getting a reputation now as the “hockey chick” on Streamate. I’m cool with that.

It’s All About Passion

May 12,2011

Passion is a desire that comes from within. It’s that driving force at the root of our ambitions. My encounters with people, over the last decade, in this industry have taught me that there is a standard here and a common complacency within the community. There’s a price to pay for speaking your mind, so be sure to keep your opinions in check. Where I felt so many lacked passion, I later discovered, was a complicated scenario. In few words, the general consensus I got from them was fear. Still, why no fight? Did they simply have no desire to create change? Is their silence out of fear that something would happen to their livelihood? Did they just not care enough? All of the above, perhaps.

I was often the one to break away from the crowd, to stand up when everyone else was sitting down. I spoke up, when everyone else was silent. When I care enough to pursue something, whether it be out of spontaneity, impulse or pure aggression, there is passion behind my actions. When I fail, but get back up to try again, that’s passion. When I see people walking around in the street with blank faces on a beautiful day, that’s a lack of passion. When I see people glued to their hand-held devices, rather than watching the cars coming at them, as they cross the street, I see a lack of passion (and I secretly wish they’d get hit by the car, just enough to wake them the hell up).

What on earth has happened to society? Are we so glued in that we’re clued out? Putting life into perspective; where is our passion?

Playoff Jinx

May 13,2011

On April 14th, 2011, I decided to put the razor and shaving cream away. It was time for me to grow my first ever playoff beard. My bikini line was to grow wild and frantic, as the Habs were to take the Briuns out of the playoffs. Well, at least I still have the playoff beard. Fast-forward to today; Habs golfing in Florida, Bruins set to face the Lightning in the conference finals, Sharks and Canucks ready to battle it out in the west. Here I am, undecided about what to do with my jinxy dilemma.

Every eastern conference team I have taken, lost in the first round:





I was a little luckier with my western conference picks:


Red Wings



Very sad. Goes to show you – no matter how much you think you know, no matter how educated you think you are about a certain topic, when it comes to playoffs, your best bet is to simply admit you don’t know Jack! Of course, you could get lucky (like the Bruins did) but for the most part, someone out there’s got ya beat. ?

So, brings me to my dilemma; should I just plead the 5th now about this crucial round in the playoffs or root on the team opposite the one I want to win? Since all of my picks have been wrong. Will that work or … is karma just too dang smart for that trick? Or .. was it my beard that brought on the jinx?

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